The 4ft Crappie Tie-Down is used to help tie off to a tree, brush or stump. It’s special design will keep you anchored to your favorite tree, keeping the boat still and will not disturb the fish.


This is the newest product from WeFishN PRODUCTIONS

Due to the special design of the Pontoon Boat Tie-Down Kit it is a fast and easy system to secure your pontoon boat when you pull into your slip. It consist of three tie downs that were especially designed so you can quickly and safely secure your pontoon boat at three special locations that will prevent your pontoon boat from moving in any direction. When you step off your pontoon boat at your slip the unique way the system functions allows you to quickly take one tie down and by removing the rope from the Velcro and pulling the rope through the small loop at the top of the tie down. You are now able to pull on the small loop and create the specially designed loop that can slip over the cleat at the rear of the pontoon boat. Again due to the special design of the tie down you are now able to pull on the rope and tighten the rope around the cleat. By continuing to pull on the rope and having the tie down properly in place you are now able to secure the tie down to the cleat on the dock using the special knot as shown in the photo. Repeat the same process at the other end of the pontoon boat and also at the front. With all three specially designed tie downs in place your pontoon boat is secure and will not rub against the dock. We also have a uniquely designed Knuckle that when attached to the tie down as shown in the photo will help overcome some of the wave action. When you are ready to untie the pontoon boat from the slip you can start by untying the tie down and then by running the rope thru the specially designed loop at the top of the tie down and by pulling tight on the rope the specially designed loop returns to the original small size that it started as. Now you are able to put the rope under the Velcro and by doing so you have returned the tie down to the size it was when you started. You can now stow the tie down taking up very little space in your pontoon boat.

Other Possibilities for the Pontoon Boat Tie-Down Kit

Another great advantage of The Pontoon Boat Tie-Down is that it also comes in a 4ft long pole if needed to secure your pontoon boat to the slip. It can also be used when fishing to allow you to have an area of undisturbed water to fish in and is the perfect tool for keeping your boat positioned over the fish all day without disturbing them. It can be used to help tie off to a tree, brush or stump. It lets you run your night light cord thru the tie-down and keep your night light from going under your boat. Do to the special design with over 10ft of rope it allows you to make a loop big enough to fit over the largest of trees and keep you from moving on the water so not to disturb the fish. {{The Best of Both Worlds}} you have the option to use the 2ft tie-down at one end of your boat and the 4ft tie-down at the other end. This allows you to vertical jig at different water depths and water conditions.

"The Crappie Tie Down is very easy to setup and take down. They worked perfect on a pontoon boat, keeping us right over the fish all day!  These are a must in my boat from now on!"
Ben Ogden,  Lake Cumberland, KY

1-Crappie Tie-Down / Pontoon Boat Tie-Down

app. 4ft or 2ft @ $39.00
FREE Shipping & Handling

NEW PRODUCT (Patent Pending)
The Pontoon Boat Tie-Down Kit Consist of Three Poles 

app. 2ft ½”x1-1/2” @ $89.00

FREE Shipping & Handling

The Crappie Tie-Down and all of the Pontoon Boat Tie-Down products also have a Knuckle to attach at the cleat on your boat to help overcome some of the wave action, which sells separately for an added cost of only  $13.00ea.                    FREE Shipping & Handling

The Pontoon Boat Tie-Down works quite well for connecting your boats together in the party cove.